How to Teach your Kids Bible Study Habits

Hey friends!  Have you noticed that when you listen to podcasts, you start to pick up the phrases of your favorite podcasters?  A few months I found myself opening yet another blog post with echoes of Christy Wright, and when I typed “hey friends!” just now, I was hearing the voice of Kathi Lipp from The Communicator Academy in my head. 


Summer is the best! Some of my favorite memories as a child consist of endless pool days and delicious homemade popsicles. As fun as it is to have the kiddos home more, it can also be a struggle to think of activities to keep them busy.
And while I love movies, I don’t want my kids to sit on the couch all day watching TV. Crafts are the perfect solution! Crafts are so wonderful because they take time to create while boosting creativity and problem-solving skills. They are also great for any age child!



A new year is just about upon us, and as it dawns, we have a new opportunity to lead our families in devotions. Whether you’ve been utterly consistent or mightily struggling, here are 10 ideas and 10 tips that may help as you consider the year to come.

One of the most important roles we play as parents is as the spiritual guide for our children.  We’ve found a few simple ways to bring our faith in Jesus in to our children’s lives that I’m sharing with y’all today.  
We are far from having it all figured out and are still learning so much about every aspect of parenting. For our children to know Jesus at a young age and grow up with a strong faith is our constant prayer and highest goal.  If you are of a similar mindset, here are a few simple ways to bring Jesus in to your child’s daily routine.

Help kids grow! Get them outside in the garden for hands-on learning experiences. Here are activities and tips on how to set up a garden with kids in mind—plus, how to plant a school garden!

Being outside gives kids time to cut loose and burn off some steam. Your garden can serve as an outdoor classroom for showing your kids how and where we get our food while connecting them to nature and the environment. Even the littlest ones love to learn about dirt, plants, and bugs.


This article will share different family devotion topics to help you cultivate a family devotion time with your children.

Family devotions are important because they provide an opportunity for families to come together to focus on God’s word and spend quality time with each other.

Family devotions can help strengthen family relationships, create a sense of unity, and foster a deeper understanding of faith.

God’s Word teaches us that the spiritual training of our children is our responsibility as parents, but to be honest I’ve struggled over the years with how to do this. As I’ve prayed and tried different approaches, the following ideas have guided me.
First, as today’s key verse says, before we’re commanded to teach our children anything, we’re told how to live out our own personal relationship with God by loving Him with all our heart. We’ve all heard the phrase that “more is caught than taught.” 
This Instructable will show you how to make a simple, easy-to-make, easy-to-fly, paper kite that is great for kids.

Family devotions are vital for moving our spiritual lives beyond the church walls and into an active, thriving faith. But what does it mean to have family devotions?

Family devotions are a set time when husband and wife, or parents and kids, sit down, read the Bible, and pray together. It is a time designed to build up each individual and establish a sense of unity and direction within families.