///UCC Youth News – Oct. 16, 2016

UCC Youth News – Oct. 16, 2016

Tonight: Tonight we need some help advertising for our Tailgates and Treats event coming up two weeks from today. Several people went out on Wednesday to pass out flyers to the neighborhood, but they were not able to finish it all. That’s where we come in. So, bring some walking shoes, and let’s pass out some flyers as we walk around the neighborhood. Afterwards, we will return to the Youth Center for corn dogs and tater tots and finish at 7 p.m.   

Wednesday Night: We will resume our separate Huddles for all guys and girls starting off in the Youth Center for both groups. These studies have given us a chance to grow closer, pray over each other and talk about issues that relate specifically to guys and girls. The Girls Study is led by Carla Copher-Robinson, Laura Ice and Karla Craddock. The Guys Study is led by Jason Craddock and Rusty Towell.

Getaway Day–Nov. 6: The fall semester is so busy with football, band, volleyball and then basketball followed by Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! In addition to all of that, we have the terrific (and inexpensive) Encounter LE just before Thanksgiving (more on that below) that we want to prioritize and get everybody to attend. So, adding a fall retreat each year is difficult to squeeze in. So, we have decided to try a Spring retreat this year, while still doing something for our group during the Fall. So, on Saturday, Nov. 6, we will have a Getaway Day as a group to go and do an all-day ropes course and other fun activities. We will spend some time in prayer and worship as well around a camp fire. We will leave in the morning and come back late that evening. It will have a retreat feel to it, but it will not carry the cost or the extra time or Friday-night scheduling conflicts of a full retreat. So make plans to spend the day with us as we grow closer together and closer in our relationship with God.

Encounter LE at LCU, Nov. 18-20: I want everybody to go with us to Lubbock for this one! For the third year, LCU is hosting the weekend retreat called Encounter LE. LCU will be providing all the food, keynote speakers, powerful worship experiences and entertainment, including brining in the Christian band Family Force 5. It’s gonna be terrific! Invite a friend to join us, but not if their church is already going. I also need some adult volunteers. Paperwork is on the Youth Center Desk and is due on Sunday, Oct. 30. The cost of $20 for transportation and hotel costs. That’s pretty cheap for a weekend of awesome! So clear the calendar and let’s go.

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