///Elder’s Corner – May 19, 2017

Elder’s Corner – May 19, 2017

It’s graduation time again! The blitz of finals and family, invitations and presents, caps and gowns, celebrations and ceremonies. Since we live in a college town, it doubles our celebration, with the high school graduations as well.

As always, University church wants to recognize our high school and college students who are completing an important milestone. Last weekend we were happy to see Hannah Hamilton, LaurenMilam, Crysta Cook, Andrea Archer, Tarrance Price, Nate and Alex Estrada, Mary Kate Rotenberry and Emily Wilson all graduate. Tarrance also received the Dean Adams award from ACU.Our high school graduates are Dawson Graham (Clyde HS – grandson of Win and Roseann Martin); Lido Guzman (Abilene HS – daughter of Luis and Lido Guzman); Gerry Lara (Cooper HS – son of Gerardo Lara and Alma Lara); Travis Towell (Abilene HS – son of Rusty and Amy Towell); Cristian Villanueva (Abilene HS – son of Gustavo and Micaela Villanueva); and Derek Wu (Abilene Christian HS – international student staying with the Villanuevas). Senior Sunday is this Sunday, May 21. We will have a special service for them next Sunday morning, along with other activities such as the traditional breakfast in the MAC before Sunday class, with the tables set up to honor each graduate. We look forward to it!I always enjoy watching the celebrations of families, even if they’re rather raucous (like when the graduates walk across the stage), and I always wonder what stories are behind those celebrations, shouts or signs. Some may be the first from their families who have ever graduated high school, college, or masters’ degrees. Other continue a long tradition in a certain vocation or school. All have a sense of relief, happiness, and hopefully, accomplishment.

The other activity most engage in is pondering the future. Whether it’s the graduate himself or herself about to hit the streets to look for work or sign up for the next degree; the parents wondering how their child will handle the transitions to the challenges of the next step; or just interested friends and acquaintances watching from a distance, it’s intriguing to think about where each person will end up.

For us, we are confident that the Lord has great plans in store for each graduate, and we look forward to seeing how those plans play out, and what each will do. Please pray for each of them, and congratulate them.

Steve Austin
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