///Elder’s Corner – May 25, 2017

Elder’s Corner – May 25, 2017

I hope that you’ve been able to take part in at least one of the two special Connect services we’ve had twice on Wednesday nights this spring. They’ve been interesting and fun.

Led by Andrew HuddlestonKarla Craddock, and likely others whom I’m missing, these events focus on connecting UCC members in groups they normally don’t see or interact with often. As people come into the MAC, they’re encouraged to sit at tables with at least some people they don’t know very well.

For example, last Wednesday night at my table, we had Wanda BradfordSandra MorrowAustin Britten and Koy (sorry, no last name…) who are finishing their sophomore years in high school, Vicki Gao and Landon Morris, who are both 12 year-olds, and me.

As part of the night, we played Connect’s version of Bingo (with prizes!), with people from the group combining their experiences to be able to fill a row of 5 on their playing sheets. We learned who had ever milked a cow, was born at home, knew other languages, had traveled to other countries, likes to read, taught elementary school, raised foster kids, been married more than 40 years, and much more. Then we had time to talk more among ourselves about other spaces on the sheet, which led to other random findings and trivia.  I was impressed and amazed by the variety of experience and abilities in our group of 7–and that was just one table out of many.

On both nights we saw videos about UCC members (Johnny and Angela EstesBettye Shipp and Jeannette Lipford) with great stories about their lives and experiences. Betty, for example, is one of two UCC members who had attended church at one of the earliest UCC (College Church) locations on North 6th! Wonderful stories. We also prayed and sang and shared some scripture.

We’ve only had two of these evenings, but I look forward to having more next fall. We have so many talented, interesting people, and these evenings remind me just how unique and blessed we are at UCC. Thanks to Andrew and Karla and so many others who have planned these successes.

– Steve Austin

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