///Elder’s Corner – June 1, 2017

Elder’s Corner – June 1, 2017

I hope you got the chance to be at the first UCC Wednesday summer activity, with the Ice Cream Supper. The judges’ panel proclaimed Dutch chocolate the winner of the traditional ice cream category (thanks Blake and Randi Williams), and peach as the winner of the non-traditional category (way to go, Barry and Cathy Young!). And we weren’t short on other cookies or brownies for dessert either. Altogether a satisfying, calorie-happy time.

And something even sweeter topped off the evening as Garnie Hatch baptized his grandson Travis as the supper was winding down.  Congratulations to the Hatch family!

Looking at all the ice cream, particularly the kind in the old-style barrels, reminded me of the many times my Mom would make homemade vanilla ice cream. The deal in our house was that if you chopped the ice to go around the barrel, then when she took the dasher out, you got to lick the dasher. Powerful motivation for a seven year-old! And then after it had been gradually consumed over about a week, and stored in the freezer, the best part was the last half-inch, because all the Eagle brand sweet sticky stuff had made its way to the bottom. Amazing how those memories linger!

If you’ve been at UCC for any length of time, you know that one of the things we love doing together is eating–chili, hamburgers, breakfast, ice cream, Italian, Mexican, pizza–you name it, we’ve probably served it.  It’s part of most occasions, because they are family events–weddings, funerals, back-to-school, graduations, campaigns, special events, Care Groups and of course the always-reliable potluck dinner.

In fact, it was at a church potluck dinner when I was a child that I went over to my mom and complained that someone had ruined the vanilla wafer pudding by putting banana slices in it! At our house it was always just vanilla wafers in there! People that put bananas in pudding probably also do terrible things like putting nuts in brownies or spinach on pizzas, along with other grave theological errors. If God had wanted there to be bananas in vanilla wafer pudding…

As Brent pointed out in a recent series, and Tim Archer has also taught, it’s amazing how many times we see Jesus or other biblical figures sharing a meal. There’s something non-threatening and unifying about that. And usually when you’re with others at a table–without TVs or phones or other potential distractions–it’s natural for stories to be told, laughter to break out, and thoughts and feelings to be expressed more openly. It’s one part of our culture that we need to reclaim in an intentional fashion. So I’m glad we give ourselves this chance with events like the ice cream supper–a reason to sit down and enjoy food and friendships. Thanks to all who planned it!

Talking about ice cream is just one step away from another dessert, S’mores, part of this week’s VBS, directed by Jennifer Welch.  It will be Friday from 6-8:30 p.m., then Saturday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., at UCC.  It is for children 3 years old through 5th grade.  Jennifer said that 110 children are already registered, and more usually just show up. She says, “The kids will trek through an outdoor adventure. They’ll kindle friendships and discover that Jesus is the light of the world. We’ll have music, bible exploration, projects, games, snacks and more. So make plans to join us as we get S’more of Jesus!”  She also added that she needs more mason jars…

Thanks to all for helping plan and implement these activities.  We are blessed.

– Steve Austin

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