///Elder’s Corner – June 5, 2017

Elder’s Corner – June 5, 2017

This last weekend Jeff and Linda Arrington packed up their house and belongings and went to Alabama to start a new chapter in their lives.

I’ve known Jeff and Linda since the 80s. They were a little ahead of us in school and experience, and when they arrived at UCC, quickly became leaders in the young families’ class, and other areas. Their desire to serve and love for others was apparent early.

Though they have used their gifts in many ways, activities, and groups, they have invested heavily in especially two areas–the eldership and the college group. I’ve worked with Jeff for six years as an elder, and though we haven’t always agreed on some issues or decisions, I’ve always trusted that he loved the Lord and wanted the best for this church. He was very aware of needs, situations and relationships. He was eager to step up to tasks, even if they could have been disagreeable or difficult. And he was always quick to volunteer to visit, counsel or listen, especially in emergencies or sad circumstances.

Jeff and Linda also invested hundreds or thousands of hours in college ministry. They taught classes and devos, invited people into their home, worked on campus with them, went on trips and retreats and befriended hundreds of students from all backgrounds and situations. They also did their best to work with whichever minister, staff member, parent or volunteers who were helping in the college ministry.

In their “secular” jobs, their interest in kingdom matters was evident also. Jeff filled numerous roles in teaching and administration at ACU for 28 years. Linda ministered to thousands of people as a nurse in school and office settings. They had job responsibilities, church responsibilities and family responsibilities–but they were God’s people 24/7.

So now they are going to begin a new job/minister/chapter at Faulkner University. It will be encouraging to see how the Lord uses them in yet another place, perhaps in new or familiar way. Please pray that God would help them make this transition smoothly, and adjust to a productive life and ministry in Montgomery, Ala.

– Steve Austin

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