Soon after the turn of the last century, in about 1903, a small group of Christians began to worship together in Abilene. They became the College Church of Christ, an acknowledgement of the new Christian college founded nearby in 1906, and selected as elders J.W. Childers, H. E. Myers and Brother Roberts and grew to a group of about 100.

Forty-nine years later a much larger group, which already had moved three times, worshiped God for the first time in our neo-Spanish-style house of worship across the street from then Abilene Christian College. The congregation’s name was changed in 1976 to University Church to reflect the new designation of our neighbor university. But the heart of the church and its mission to serve a risen savior remains unchanged.

The people of this congregation have attempted over the years to live a counter-cultural life in Abilene, in our homes and in the ministry-driven facilities of the church.

From Price Billingsley to Bradley Steele, our ministers have probed God’s word and – led by the Spirit – have carefully led us in examination of the Scriptures and encouraged us to search the scriptures.

From W.H. “Henry” Free to Leonard Burford to Sean Pullen our song leaders have helped us lift up our voices in songs, hymns and spiritual songs to praise our God.

From Daisy Sewell to Bess Bell to Jennifer Welch our Bible class teachers have nourished our young, bright-eyed children by literally and figuratively taking them into their laps as Jesus did.

From supporting the J.K. Desha family in India in 1924 and the founding of the Abilene Mexican Ministry to our new full-time training of indigenous preachers in their Spanish-speaking hometowns via the live technology of the Texas International Bible Institute, this congregation has heard and acted on the Great Commission.

From the Childers Classical Institute students of 1906 to the current Abilene Christian University students who worship and serve with us, we have prepared thousands of university graduates to serve throughout the world.  Through them, we have put leaven and salt into the world via young leaders.

The elders and members of today certainly confirm these aims. May God bless our worship and our walk together.