We believe in the only true and living God, creator of everything. We believe God revealed himself in the history of Israel and the person of his Son, Jesus of Nazareth. We believe Jesus was crucified on a Roman cross, but through his resurrection the Father confirmed him to be the true Messiah (Christ) of prophecy. He is now exalted at the right hand of God.

In unity with Christians across space and time, we believe and proclaim this biblical story as good news or “gospel.” We believe that Scripture is trustworthy and inspired by God to tell us what we need to know.

Through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, God is putting all of his broken creation back together. In the gift of his Son and his indwelling Holy Spirit – given to believers by grace through faith in baptism (water immersion) – God created a new community, the church, the body of Christ.

As members of God’s kingdom, we are called into his great mission to set right everything that is so wrong. We confess we are part of the problem, sinners living in total need of God’s forgiveness. But we believe God’s Spirit is changing us daily into the image of Christ. So we strive to walk by faith, to serve others, to love God and glorify him in worship.

As for the future, Jesus is Lord, so we do not fear death. We believe Christ will return one day to bring God’s final justice to all things. We live in hope for his new creation where we will be raised up with new bodies to know God fully, face to face, as it was meant to be.

We invite you to join us in living and proclaiming this good news.