We Are Looking for a Bilingual Minister!

The University Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas, seeks a bilingual (Spanish-English) and bicultural leader committed to working in a diverse church and community by equipping and encouraging Christians to share the Gospel with others. The minister should be a team player, able and willing to work with other staff members, elders, and other leaders in the ministry. Openness to a wide range of individuals and their life situations is crucial, since the church ministers to Latin American immigrants, heritage Spanish speakers, and Hispanic brothers and sisters who are English dominant. The ministry is fully bilingual and seeks to share the Gospel in more than one culture. The minister’s tasks may include preaching, teaching, organizing worship services and church activities, evangelism, and pastoral care, all shared with other members of the ministry as needed. Must have a solid theological education — graduate work at the master’s level or higher is desired but not required.

The bilingual ministry of the University Church of Christ is an integral and growing part of the whole congregation. We are looking for a leader to come join us in a ministry that God is blessing to serve our community.

Position Type: Full-time

Salary: Negotiable

Preferred Degree Level (select all that apply): Certificate; Bachelor’s; Master’s; Doctor of Ministry

Responsibilities include the following:

  1. Lead the bilingual ministry
    1. Teach, co-teach, or organize curriculum and teachers for the ministry.
    2. Develop fellowship and spiritual growth opportunities for bilingual ministry members, through small group meetings, hospitality, and other activities.
    3. Equip members to participate in ministry through the development of their gifts.
  2. Lead ministry/outreach to the community
    1. Coordinate neighborhood outreach events.
    2. Become familiar with the Hispanic/Latin community in Abilene and find ways to outreach to this community.
    3. Mentor members in the ministry to do what you do.
  3. Teaching
    1. Lead and plan weekly worship experiences.
    2. Preach weekly in the bilingual worship service.
    3. Teach in English adult education occasionally (besides Spanish/bilingual)
  4. Office responsibilities
    1. Keep regular office hours
    2. Staff meetings
    3. Maintain a mentoring relationship with lead minister 
    4. Network/support other staff
    5. Communications with other staff, and monthly report to elders
    6. Pastoral care/hospital visits as needed, particularly regarding Bilingual ministry members

Additionally, we highly encourage you to attend as many church-wide events as possible. We know that you may not be able to make every event, but participation by our staff is an important aspect of your job at UCC. It allows members/visitors to connect with you, and vice versa. For example, we expect that on Sunday mornings that you will be in a class and at worship, that on Sunday evening you will be part of a class/small group/ministry outreach, and the same for Wednesday evening, as well as special activities that occur.

The first two major sections should occupy about 80% of your time.  Obviously, these are approximations, emphasizing that we think these two are the key foci of this job.  And as with any job, there will be small adjustments made along the way, depending on needs and situations. UCC will conduct an annual evaluation of job performance based on this job description.

How to Apply: For more information, please email ministersearch@uccabilene.org.

Contact Information: Nathan Gibbs (Hiring Committee), ministersearch@uccabilene.org.