Are you a young adult who is too old for college, but you don’t feel like you necessarily fit in where there are a bunch of children? Perhaps you are looking for a ministry focusing on you. This ministry might be it!

20s & 30s is about young adults: the single ones, the married ones, the fill-in-the-blank-because-we-need-a-place-to-connect ones. In other words, we are trying to deepen relationships and broaden the scope of the family/community here at UCC by building this community here at UCC.

So come try us out. We meet on Sunday mornings in the Ministry Activity Center, Room 504. That’s in the southeast corner of our campus. We join the main worship service at 10 and then we are often going to get together on Sunday nights and throughout the week as well.

We just want to build a community of faith among people who are looking for a place to belong.

For more information, contact Bradley Steele by email at or by calling (325) 673-6497.