Making Disciples through Teaching and Mentoring

In 2005, Lou Seckler asked the UCC elders to take the oversight of the Harvest Ministries. The work of this ministry, then about 30 years old, takes place mainly in Mexico and Central as well as in some parts of South America.

With the additional financial help of churches in Granbury, Burleson and Canyon, Texas, and in Tipton, Okla., Lou travels nearly every month to Latin America to present seminars and challenge Christians to become leaders of their churches.

The main thrust of Harvest is to motivate Latin American churches to share their leadership by preparing and appointing elders and deacons. In so doing, we are able to promote spiritual growth among members and comply with the biblical models of 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

Lou provides follow-up through e-mail, websites (both in Spanish and Portuguese), sermon books in both languages, and lately through lessons recorded on DVD. Harvest websites have reached out to people in more than 30 countries who have downloaded and used sermons and seminar materials.

Lou’s book, El Señor es mi Pastor (The Lord is My Shepherd), with lessons from the Psalms has been printed in Spanish in Mexico and Guatemala, and in Portuguese in Brazil to be distributed locally and in Portugal and its former colonies in Africa.

Other sermon books and DVDs:

• La Mano de Dios (The Hand of God) with sermons on the book of Acts was introduced in Mexico two years ago.
• A Mão de Deus (The Hand of God) has been translated and adapted for Brazil and Portugal, published and distributed last year.
• Aprende a Vivir (Learn to Live) Lessons from the book of James has been distributed in Mexico and this year will be distributed in Central America
• Two DVD’s for Brazil: Como Melhorar Sua Familia (How to Improve your Family) and Liderança Compartilhada (Shared Leadership) were recorded in Abilene this year, with Antenor and Phyllis Gonçalves as guests.

In the past seven years, six congregations with which Lou has worked have appointed elders and deacons. We believe that all we do through Harvest is to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Lou Seckler