Living and Rehabilitation Centers

With tears in her eyes, a lovely Christian lady, a new resident at Coronado Nursing Center, once told Benny Gallaway, “And I thought I would never be able to attend church anymore.” Another resident, for the most part confined to her bed, used to put on her nicest and best clothes in preparation for someone bringing her communion to her room each Sunday.

For over 50 years, worship service has been held at the Coronado Nursing Center. Initially this ministry was begun by Jimmy Jividen while at the Hillcrest Church of Christ but is now under the oversight of the UCC elders. The primary objective has always been Christian service, teaching and worship for older Christians. Residents that live nearby the Center also come in for worship service.

There are now, and have always been, residents in our service who have few, if any, visitors and are without family. Sadly, we have conducted funeral services where we were the only mourners in attendance. In many countries older people are honored but in America that is not always the case, yet God’s people recognize the dignity of age and we honor and respect the wisdom of years.

Currently about 30 Coronado Nursing Center residents, their families and employees attend our Sunday morning service, under the direction of Benny Gallaway. The service meets in the Coronado dining room at 10:30am and is done by 11:20am so that the staff can serve lunch in there by 11:30am. Another 20-35 residents are served communion in the hallways or in their rooms.

Recently, services have been extended to Northern Oaks Living and Rehab Center as well as Chisholm House. At Northern Oaks, 20 residents gather each Sunday with Chip Morgan and Steve Gallaway conducting the service. At Chisholm House, approximately 10 residents gather for worship service under the direction of Walt Worgull.

If you are interested in this ministry please contact Benny Gallaway (325-673-7914), Marsha Morgan (325-669-0254), Walt Worgull (325-673-3626) or you can e-mail Chip Morgan ( You will be uplifted in serving this group of believers and they will be enriched by your service.