Young Adults

At UCC, the Transitions ministry aims to engage with the group of folks that always seem to encounter life’s transitions. It can be difficult to fully engage with a church family when going to grad school, recently married, starting a career, and beginning a family. We are here is to cultivate a diverse community that supports life’s joys and grief. We are more than a program but a group of people seeking God will for the sake of being transformed and equipped to share Jesus to the world.

As catalyst for redemption on earth, God sends the church, where simple people find ways to provide good news to a world that desperately it. We have no clever strategies, campaigns. We just go where we can, offering a hug of friendship, a word of hope, and a piece of bread.

That is after all, what Jesus did. Instead of the pretense of the Pharisees, the kingdom of God stole into the world through the service of a carpenter, some fishermen, redeemed crooks and revolutionaries, and a handful of nearly anonymous women.

We think it can still happen today and we invite you to join us. We want to empower each other, through the Spirit, to live God’s reign every day of the week and everywhere we go. So, if you are a “young adult,” give or take a few years, whether married, single, working, studying or otherwise, let us help you serve in a God-eyed, world-focused way.

Come join us on Sunday mornings in room 221 of the main building, participate in our home groups, and become part of our ministry.

For more information, contact Andrew Huddleston at