Beginning on Wednesday, Oct. 19, University Church of Christ will host a four-part series based on the curriculum “Conscious Discipline.”

The class will be presented by Abilene ISD teacher Rebecca Lana and AISD school counselor Christine Krause. Both presenters work at Locust Early Childhood Center.

Self-regulation is more powerful than IQ as a predictor of academic and life success. Without the skill to self-regulate children’s behavior become impossible to manage. Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive social and emotional intelligence management program that empowers families with the skills needed to learn self-regulation skills. Join us as we share information on how wonderfully God created our brains for self-regulation, connection and success.

Here is a breakdown of the classes:
Wednesday, Oct. 19: Learn about brain research and how brain state affects our behavior.
Wednesday, Nov. 2: Learn to build strong connections with those we love.
Wednesday, Nov. 9: Equip yourself with strategies that increase self-regulation at any age.
Wednesday, Nov. 16: Consequences: Help children reflect on their choices, and motivate them to change their behavior.

The class will take place in Room 501 of the Ministry Activity Center (MAC) at UCC.