April is “Spring Cleaning” month for most families. We open our windows to warm sunlight and fresh air after the long, cold months of winter. There’s something about the promise of summer that begs us to refresh, replenish, renew and relax. And not just our houses. Our marriages need “Spring Cleaning” as well.

We all get distracted by the challenges of everyday living, and before we know it, years of clutter and messiness can block the sun and cloud our joy.

Please consider this our special invitation to join us on Wednesday evenings in April from 7-8 p.m. in the UCC Ministry Activity Center (MAC) in Room 501.

Tom and Sandra Milholland will be leading the class. They will not tell you how your marriage ought to be, and they will not ask you to do or say anything that will make you uncomfortable. They will, however, share stories and ideas from a marriage and family therapy perspective and from their 50 years of marriage.

Join us as we let God’s word guide us to good decision-making marriages, and the Milhollands promise to make you laugh!

April 6: Reality Check
  – The Foundation of a Healthy Marriage
  – What brought you together? What are your goals?
  – What’s working? What isn’t? What do you do about it?
  – Expectations, Challenges

April 13: It’s You and Me, Babe
  – “Faith at My Back and Love at My Side…”
  – Family of Origin – Rules, Beliefs, Loyalties
  – Fidelity on all levels
  – Forgiveness

April 20: Together, We Can Do This!
  – Fueling Marriage in Sprints and Marathons
  – Giving, Receiving, Having Fun Together
  – Friendship

April 27: The Best is Yet to Come
  – Listening, Understanding, Trust, Acceptance
  – Stress-free Decision-making