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  • In Our High Schools…
    “Imagine this scenario—a transgender student, a biological boy who decides that he wants to identify with the female gender, and yet he acknowledges that he has a girlfriend, he acknowledges that he is sexually attracted to girls,” said an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom (a Christian legal group), addressing Kentucky education officials as a roomful of parents and students listened. “The question is, are parents supposed to be okay with allowing such boys to use the girls’ restroom?”


  • Bible verse memory can be fun! Especially when you use Bible memory verse games that kids love. They’re an essential part of teaching children about God. I’m sharing my favorite Bible verse memory games plus other memory verse activities. (hint: You can even use these Bible memory games to help your kids memorize important scriptures, such as Bible verses about love)!

  • Kids are like sponges. I’m amazed at what my kids manage to soak up from the world around them (sometimes good, sometimes not so good), and even more amazed by what they remember, especially during the times when I don’t even think they are paying attention.


  • This tin foil Easter egg art is vibrant and colorful and it’s a great opportunity for children to let their creativity shine by creating a unique design on their egg.

  • We love salt dough crafts here and Easter is no exception to make some salt dough ornaments! If you have an Easter Tree these are perfect to make as DIY Easter tree ornaments.