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  • It’s not a chore! Learning scripture can be fun if you know the right games. Test these creative ideas and help kids make amazing progress! Each idea below is easy to learn and gets kids “hands on” with the Bible verses. Taking apart and putting the verse back together is a great way to use repetition without creating boredom!

  • How do you teach memory verses in a fun way?

    Let’s back track a little. I mean – er – WHY are we teaching Scripture memorisation in the first place? Doesn’t it all feel a little cult-ish and brainwashed?

    It’s certainly a contentious issue amongst church folk.

  • Kids are like sponges.  I’m amazed at what my kids manage to soak up from the world around them (sometimes good, sometimes not so good), and even more amazed by what they remember, especially during the times when I don’t even think they are paying attention.